Saint Michael's Book Award for Academic Achievement & Social Conscience

This year's book is the autobiography First They Killed My Father, written by Saint Michael's alumna Loung Ung '93. Angelina Jolie recently directed Ung's gripping memoir as a Netflix original film.

Thank you for participating in the Saint Michael's Book Award program, which highlights individuals who exhibit the characteristics of an ideal Saint Michael's student. We invite you to nominate eligible juniors for this award based on:
  • Academic Achievement - students attain mostly A's and B's in honors, AP and IB classes and are inductees of the National Honor Society or equivalent honors organization
  • Social Conscience - students show a sustained and sincere commitment to community service, issues of peace and justice and concern for others

Once nominated, we will enter the student(s) into our database to receive future mailings from Saint Michael's College. We will process your application based on ceremony date, and your students will receive their recognition at your award ceremony. We trust you, the staff or award committee at your high school, to know your students best. If you have any questions about the parameters of the award, please contact us.

Award Presentation

Book Awards are presented at your school's annual academic award ceremony each spring. If your award ceremony is held in the fall, we ask that you present the student(s) with the award prior to summer vacation to ensure that they will not be surprised when they receive Book Award information over the summer. The award may be presented by either a Saint Michael's College alumnus or by your school's personnel. Award recipients will be presented with the autobiography First They Killed My Father, written by Saint Michael's alumna Luong Ung '93.

Saint Michael's College alumni consider it a great honor to present the Book Award. Please let us know if you would like us to contact a local alumnus/a to present, or if you have one on staff. We like to keep track of our active alumni volunteers and invite more to participate.

If your school no longer has a book award ceremony, we invite you to still present your students with the Saint Michael's College Book Award for Academic Achievement with a Social Conscience. If you know students who are a great fit for SMC, let us know by nominating them in the spring of their junior year.

For your convenience, we have drafted up a press release that you may submit to your local newspaper(s). You need to simply write in the students' names and attending high school. Download a PDF copy of the press release.

Application Deadlines and Scholarship Information

Book Award recipients must apply within our Early Action deadlines, November 1 or December 1. If accepted, nominees are considered for a Saint Michael's College Book Award Scholarship ranging from $13,000 to full tuition, depending on their academic achievements as well as community engagement and social justice involvement. The amount of the scholarship will not be determined until we assess the completed application. Any applications received after the December 1 deadline will not be considered for the Book Award Scholarship.

Book Award Nomination Form

We will accept nominations for one female and/or one male only, no exceptions for single-gender schools. Please identify recipients and completely fill out and submit your school's nomination form at least 3 weeks prior to the awards ceremony. We cannot process your request without a complete and accurate nomination form.

If you have any questions, contact the Book Award Committee at 802.654.3000, or


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